Monthly Archives: February 2016

Pulpdent Corporation Partnership Helps Children In Guatemala

Pulpdent Corporation has partnered with Mil Milagros (A Thousand Miracles), and is donating Embrace Fluoride Varnish to the not for profit organization. Mil Milagros works in partnership with mothers, grandmothers, and teachers in rural Guatemala to prevent child malnutrition and hunger and to improve the health and education of the children and the communities. They partner with local public schools to implement oral health care and hygiene and train volunteer mothers and grandmothers to provide oral hygiene instruction and to apply fluoride varnish as part of its program. Over 60 teachers are also trained to support the daily tooth brushing programs that are part of each school day.

“Mil Milagros is extremely grateful for the steadfast and generous support of Pulpdent Corporation. Most of the children and families with whom Mil Milagros works in Guatemala have no access to a dentist. The Embrace varnish that Pulpdent provides to the children, along with regular tooth brushing by the children, are essential to the success of the ‘Healthy Schools’ program that we implement in partnership with our mother and grandmother volunteers. With Pulpent’s help, we are improving the children’s health and well-being,” remarked Margaret Blood, Founder and Executive Director of Mil Milagros.

“Pulpdent has always been committed to helping people smile with confidence and lead healthier lives. Dedicated dental providers and manufacturers have the opportunity and responsibility to improve the lives of people throughout the world” said Fred Berk, Vice President of Pulpdent. “We rely on organizations such as Mil Milagros that coordinate preventive oral health care programs in underserved communities. Mil Milagros has done an exemplary job serving the needs of the children and families in rural areas of Guatemala. We are honored to work with them, and we commend them for their efforts and continued success.”