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The Dentist with the World Series Ring

PULPDENT’s corporate offices and manufacturing facility are located in Watertown, MA, less than 10 miles from Boston’s historic Fenway Park. On casual Fridays employees proudly wear baseball caps and jerseys showcasing their favorite teams. One employee, a die-hard baseball fan, likes to tell the following story of his favorite player, Doc Farrell, who was both a dentist and a major league baseball player.

Doc Farrell“The year was 1932. The legendary New York Yankees team powered by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig swept the Chicago Cubs in four games to take the World Series. Doc Farrell was on that Yankees team and earned his World Series ring.

Edward “Doc” Farrell graduated from University of Pennsylvania Dental School in 1925. A star athlete, he spent the next decade in major league baseball before returning to dentistry.  Although “Doc” is not the only baseball player turned dentist, to the best of our knowledge he is the only dentist turned major leaguer, and the only dentist to play on a championship baseball team and win a World Series ring.”

If you are ever near Fenway Park, feel free to contact to schedule a tour of PULPDENT’s manufacturing facility.