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The Social Dentist Tip #3: Collaborate and Be Available

Dr. Ryan McCall grew his Indiana-based dental practice by engaging new and existing patients through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. In this series, The Social Dentist, Dr. McCall offers tips on how to market your dental practice using social media.

Collaboration shows willingness to share and promotes community involvement. We frequently tag and recommend other dental offices for specialty services like endodontics. They’re better and faster at it, so I have no hesitation referring patients. This has resulted in countless referrals from other dentists, most of whom are now good friends. Dentistry can get competitive, so we try to differentiate our services and share the benefits.  

Be available
You have to be there to answer questions and encourage engagement on your Facebook or Instagram pages, or your social media advertising budget is wasted. Be available and involved in the social media discourse. I talk to new patients on our Instagram account every day, often doing a consultation before they ever set foot in one of our offices. In recent months we have scheduled patients from Florida, New York, and even as far away as Sydney! The Australian patient had no idea where our Indianapolis office was located (LOL).  

Weekend availability can be an issue, so mentor your staff and train them to respond to inquiries on social media. The staff sees my interaction with potential patients, and they feel empowered to respond in a similar way.

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Dr. Ryan McCall

About Dr. Ryan McCall
Dr. Ryan D. McCall was raised in Illinois. He received his BS in Biology and Chemistry from Indiana University and dental degree from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry. He maintains private practices in Indianapolis and Lebanon, Indiana.

ACTIVA BioACTIVE Hands-On Demo by Dr. John Comisi at CMW 2018

Well-known dentist, dental educator and lecturer Dr. John Comisi will present hands-on demonstrations of ACTIVA BioACTIVE on Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23 at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Dr. Comisi’s live hands-on demos will take place at Pulpdent booth #3211 at 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM CST.

Click here for Chicago Midwinter Meeting Special Promotions from Pulpdent.

An early adopter of bioactive materials, Dr. Comisi has written numerous articles and presented lectures at conferences worldwide on bioactive restoratives. In the video below Dr. Comisi talks about clinical applications for ACTIVA and offers technique tips for bulk filling.


About Dr. John Comisi
Dr. John Comisi is the president and CEO of Sleep Focused Solutions and an assistant professor of the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine. He is a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School, a master of the Academy of General Dentistry, and a Scientific Advisory Board member of the Dental Biomaterials Science and Research Group. He holds Fellowships in the Academy of Dentistry International, the American College of Dentists, the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and the International College of Dentists.


ACTIVA Receives 2018 Top Bioactive Product Award from The Dental Advisor

ACTIVATM BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVETM received the Top Bioactive Product Award from THE DENTAL ADVISOR for the third year running in 2018. The first esthetic bioactive dental material continues to impress dentist evaluators. 

ACTIVA BioACTIVE responds to pH changes in the oral environment by releasing and recharging calcium, phosphate and fluoride. This unique chemistry supports the natural remineralization process and helps form a seal between the material and the tooth. Unlike traditional composites, which are generally hydrophobic and brittle, ACTIVA BioACTIVE contains a shock-absorbing rubberized resin that resists chipping and wear. Dentist evaluators found that “the esthetics were excellent at 2 years.”

“To be considered for an award, products must receive an excellent rating by THE DENTAL ADVISOR, as well as stand out from all others in the market place,” said Dr. Sabiha Bunek, The Dental Advisor’s Editor-in-Chief. ACTIVA BioACTIVE responds to pH cycles and an evaluator for THE DENTAL ADVISOR noted that “the uptake of Calcium, Phosphate and Fluoride could have a positive effect.” (The Dental Advisor Evaluator Comments, Top Product 2018).

In 2017, The Dental Advisor rated ACTIVA™ BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE™ as excellent, with 5 plus (+++++) and a 98% clinical performance rating after the second year of a long-term clinical evaluation of 194 anterior and posterior restorations. Dentist evaluators used the material for a variety of applications, including 1, 2, 3 and 4 surface restorations and core build-ups. (The Dental Advisor ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE Two-Year Clinical Performance). Click here to view the full report.

ACTIVATM BioACTIVE is an esthetic bioactive composite that imitates the physical and chemical properties of teeth. It contains no Bisphenol A, no Bis-GMA and no BPA derivatives.

About PULPDENT® Corporation
PULPDENT® Corporation
 is a family-owned dental research, manufacturing company and leader in bioactive dental materials. ACTIVA BioACTIVE™, developed by Pulpdent, is a bioactive restorative material that behaves much like natural teeth and stimulates the formation of apatite, chemically bonds to teeth and helps protect against decay. For over 70 years, Pulpdent has been committed to product innovation, clinical education and patient-centered care. To stay updated on bioactivity and learn about the Heroic Dentistry Series, which demonstrates ACTIVA’s unprecedented capabilities, visit the Pulpdent blog.