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Pulpdent Corporation Donates Fluoride Varnish, Sealants and Dental Mirrors to Special Olympics Games in Abu Dhabi

Pulpdent Corporation is a proud supporter of the Special Olympics Special Smiles program. For the March 2019 Special Olympics Games in Abu Dhabi, Pulpdent donated 750 applications of Embrace Fluoride Varnish, 400 applications of Embrace Pit & Fissure Sealant, and 3,000 single-use Flecta mirrors.

Professor Allen Wong from University Of The Pacific applies Embrace Varnish on an athlete at the 2019 Special Olympics Games in Abu Dhabi.

The Special Olympics Special Smiles program began in the 1990s, when dentist Dr. Steve Perlman and Eunice Kennedy Shriver met to discuss the lack of access to healthcare for people with intellectual disabilities. Dr. Perlman developed the Special Smiles program to provide free dental screenings to Special Olympics athletes.

Dr. Perlman is a past recipient of the Harold Berk Award for Excellence in the Treatment of Persons with Disabilities. The award is given in honor of Pulpdent’s founder, Dr. Harold Berk, who was a founding member of the American Academy of Dentistry for Handicapped Children, now part of the Federation of Special Care Organizations.

According to Dr. Perlman, “children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are the most medically and dentally underserved population. In addition, they tend to have the highest burden of disease. It is in Pulpdent’s DNA to support programs like Special Olympics Special Smiles. We at Special Olympics are deeply grateful for Pulpdent’s generous donation and for the company’s longstanding commitment to improving access to oral health care for people with intellectual and development disabilities.”

Just DEW It: Pulpdent and Dental Entrepreneur Woman Discuss the Future of Women in Dentistry

Pulpdent Corporation invited Anne Duffy, founder of Dental Entrepreneur Woman Magazine and Dew.Life, along with a select group of female dentists to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing women in the dental industry. The group visited Pulpdent’s corporate headquarters in Watertown, MA from May 2-4, 2019.

For more information about Dental Entrepreneur Woman click here.

Anne Duffy and a select group of female dentists visited Pulpdent’s headquarters in Watertown, MA

The “DeWs” represented a variety of backgrounds, from recent dental school graduates to seasoned practice owners, with specialties ranging from cosmetic dentistry to public health. They were united in their passion for clinical excellence and their desire to support each other’s personal and professional aspirations.

Anne Duffy and the “DeWs” with Pulpdent’s Christie Bailey, Leah Berk, and Michelle Wolf

Christie Bailey, Pulpdent’s Manager of Professional Relations and International Sales, led a discussion on how manufacturers, trade publications and clinicians can work together to create more opportunities for women in dentistry. They also discussed strategies for overcoming setbacks, supporting one another, and promoting inclusion throughout the dental industry.

The two-day adventure closed with a tour of Boston and dinner in the North End. Feeling inspired and empowered, the women of DEW returned to their homes throughout the country with a new team of supporters and a network of like-minded dental professionals.

Pulpdent and the “DeWs” out for dinner
The “DeWs” on their Boston tour

Heroic Dentistry: Trauma, External Resorption, Extraction, and Splinting the Natural Crown with ACTIVA

By Dr. Lukasz Balcerzak

The Heroic Dentistry series celebrates oral health care providers who, like PULPDENT founder Dr. Harold Berk, have made it their mission to save teeth and help patients live in comfort and smile with confidence.

Adam has been my patient since I started in private practice 16 years ago. Now 28 years old, he is a delightful but seriously compromised young man who has been confined to a wheelchair all his life.

This chapter of Adam’s dental story began in 2012 when he took a fall from his wheelchair and broke his upper central incisors #11 and 21 (8 and 9). With his face bloodied, and with the help of the local police, he arrived at my office, and I repositioned both teeth and secured them with a composite split. A few days later, I performed endodontic treatments.

Cracked crown due to external resorption on tooth #11

All was well until August 2018 when a radiograph showed massive external resorption in tooth #11 (8). Beyond repair, we waited for the inevitable, and in November 2018, the crown of #11 (8) broke beneath the gum line.

My oral surgeon spent an hour carefully removing the root to minimize damage to the bone. I kept the crown of the tooth stored in sodium hypochlorite, and I decided that the best treatment for Adam was to use his natural tooth for the restoration.

After extraction.

Three weeks after the extraction of the root, the natural crown of the tooth was cemented back in its place. For additional support, I connected it to teeth 12 and 21 (7 and 9) with a lingual fiber splint (Angelus) bonded with DenTASTIC UNO adhesive and ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE (Pulpdent), which has the ideal flow for this indication.

The natural tooth crown is cemented to place with flowable composite.

It was a long, back-aching appointment, but Adam’s smile was back, his mom was in tears of joy, and for me it was a most rewarding afternoon and what I love most about being a dentist.

The final result.

Dr. Lukasz Balcerzak graduated in 2001 from the Medical University in Poznan, Poland with a specialization in Dentistry. He comes from a family of dental professionals. His grandfather became a dental technician shortly after World War II in Konin, Poland where he practiced well into his eighties. Dr. Balcerzak’s mother, Hanna Szymanska Balcerzak, is also an alumna of Poznan’s Medical University with many years of experience in her specialty, prosthetics. Together with his mother, Dr. Balcerzak’s practice, B & S-DENT, employs a team of dentists each with his or her own specialty. The practice’s motto is “SAVE THAT TOOTH.”

Dr. Balcerzak has participated in domestic and international conferences, lectures, seminars, and dental courses. Dr. Balcerzak is the author of many dental articles, with a particular focus on bioactive materials, and organizes workshops in Poland to teach dentists how to optimally use bioactive materials in their practices.