Our Story

Our Story

Pulpdent is a family owned and operated dental research and manufacturing company established in 1947 and committed to its founding principles of education, prevention and proactive dental care so that people can live healthier and more productive lives.

Pulpdent’s research and product development is directed toward unlocking nature’s healing powers with bioactive materials that mimic the physical and chemical properties of tooth structure, behave favorably in the moist oral environment, and maximize the potential for remineralization.

Founding Principles

Pulpdent’s founder, Dr. Harold Berk, practiced dentistry for almost 65 years and taught on the faculty of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine from 1946 to 2005. Dr. Berk’s core principles continue to guide the company:

     “It has always been my mission to save teeth and help my patients live in comfort and smile with confidence.”

     “I start with the least invasive treatment plan, and if it should fail, there is always the option to take the next step.”

     “I have learned that nature has tremendous healing powers, and one of my responsibilities is to create an environment that is favorable for the natural healing process.”

     — Harold Berk, DDS, DSc, FACD, FICD, FAAPD
          Founder, Pulpdent Corporation

Made in USA

Pulpdent products are manufactured in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA in compliance with the company’s Quality System and all regulatory requirements. Each year we renew our commitment to investing in research and new technologies, earning the trust of the profession, inspiring clinicians with new ideas and materials, and providing the leadership to accomplish these objectives.

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Don Berk, Vice President
Don Berk has been with Pulpdent since 1976 and directs the engineering department and manages Pulpdent’s manufacturing facilities in Watertown, MA. Don holds a BFA in Ceramics from California College of the Arts. In his spare time he enjoys sailing, skiing, cooking and ba

Fred Berk, Vice President
Fred Berk joined Pulpdent in 1980 and leads sales, marketing, client relations, operations and compliance. He is responsible for developing the content for Pulpdent’s digital and print communications. Fred is a graduate of Brown University and holds a BA in American Civilization.

Larry Clark, Director of Clinical Affairs and Marketing
Larry has served the dental profession since 1971 in various capacities, including Education Facilitator at the USAF General Dentistry Residency Program, dental sales and product management roles, and his current post as Director of Clinical Affairs and Marketing at Pulpdent. An enthusiastic dental educator, Larry has lectured on dental materials and clinical applications across the globe and has written for dental industry publications. Larry is a member of several dental industry groups and, in 2015, was the first non-dentist, non-dental lab member inducted into the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. Larry studied Pre-Dental at Portland State University and has taken courses at St. Mary’s University.

Marcy Buckler, National Sales Manager
Marcy Buckler has led Pulpdent’s sales team since 2013 and has more than twenty years of experience in the dental industry. A seasoned sales leader, Marcy is adept at finding, training and motivating sales professionals. Prior to Pulpdent, Marcy successfully managed sales teams and distributor relationships for large dental manufacturers and distributors in the US and Canada and has been a member of over 20 new product launch teams. Marcy holds a BA from American University and certificates in management and real estate from UCLA and NYU.

Marjorie Coté, Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
Marjorie joined Pulpdent in 1992 to establish a comprehensive quality system and manage regulatory affairs. She oversees ISO certification, CE marking, FDA quality system requirements, domestic and international regulatory compliance, 510(k) Premarket Notifications and quality control testing of Class I and II medical devices. Marge has a background in medical research and has worked at several Academic Medical Centers. She holds a BS in Biology from Le Moyne College and an MBA from Boston College.

Gale Boyd, Export/Customer Service Manager
Gale Boyd joined the Pulpdent team in 1990 and directs general administration, human resources, IT, exports and customer service. Before joining Pulpdent, Gale was employed by Electronics Corporation of America (ECA), where she worked in Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Production Planning and Material Requirements Planning (MRP). Gale studied biology and business administration and holds a degree from Mt. Ida College.

Lew Berk, Manager – Strategic Operations
Lew ensures that Pulpdent’s operations align with overall corporate strategy. Prior to Pulpdent Lewis was Associate General Counsel for a national real estate developer, where he managed the company’s corporate legal needs and oversaw the financing of large-scale affordable housing projects. Lew is a graduate of Wesleyan University and the Boston College Law School, where he was an editor on the Environmental Law Journal.

Eric Boyd, General Manager
Eric Boyd is responsible for production planning, inventory management and manufacturing operations. Eric developed the the company’s first centralized purchasing system and also designed Pulpdent’s inventory management and reporting systems. He works closely with the Regulatory Department to establish the quality procedures used in all of our manufacturing processes. Eric studied business management at Northern Essex Community College.

Leah Berk, Media & Communications Manager 
With experience in healthcare, digital marketing and analytics, Leah is adept at identifying the business needs of clinicians and their patients. Leah combines data analysis, storytelling and media to engage customers, evaluate operations and uncover new business opportunities. Before joining Pulpdent, Leah was a Business Analyst at Massachusetts General Hospital. Leah holds an MBA from the Simmons School of Management and a BA from Brown University.

                                                                                    Zoë Reiches, Human Resources Manager        Zoë Reiches is responsible for overseeing the human resources function at Pulpdent. The nature of her role allows her to work with all departments to focus on the needs of employees and the ever changing compliance landscape. Prior to joining Pulpdent, Zoë worked in HR in both financial services and the nonprofit world. She holds a BA in International Relations from Boston University. 

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Sales & Media Contacts

For a complete list of our sales and media contacts please click here

Awards & Recognition

2018 Awards
The Dental Advisor Top Bioactive Product

Dentistry Today Top 25 Aesthetic/Restorative Products

2017 Awards
The Compendium Award For Outstanding Advertising
The Dental Advisor Top Bioactive Product


Dentistry Today Reader's Choice Award 2017

Oral Health America – Smiles Across America Award

2016 Awards
The Dental Advisor Top Bioactive Product

2015 Awards
The Dental Advisor Top Bioactive Product

NDC Warehouse Vendor of the Year


2014 Awards

DrBicuspid.com Dental Excellence Award Best New Restorative Material


Gold Medal in Dental and Clinical Materials | Krakow, Poland


 Compendium Award for Outstanding Advertising

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Public Health Partnership Program

Pulpdent has always had a special interest in public health and the oral health of children. We cooperate with the public health community and support many public health initiatives through Pulpdent’s Public Health Partnership Program. To request an in-kind donation for a public health initiative click here

Quality Certificates

Pulpdent Corporation has held Certification to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 and the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC since 1996. The Pulpdent Quality Management System has been assessed by its Notified Body, LNE/G-MED, and certified to the above standards and regulations as well as the requirements of the United States Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Part 820, Quality System Regulation, and the Canadian Medical Devices Regulation for the design, manufacture and distribution of specialty products for the dental profession. While the ISO 9001 standard is a general model for a Quality Management System, ISO 13485 and the Medical Devices Directive are specific to the medical device industry and require stringent controls, such as formal risk management and an international vigilance system to protect both patients and health care personnel. Certification to the Medical Devices Directive allows Pulpdent to CE mark its dental products for sale in the European Community. Certification to the Canadian Medical Devices Regulations allows Pulpdent to hold Health Canada Licenses for the products sold in Canada.

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