Products - Porcelain Etch Gel - Clinical Procedure


Superior Ceramic Surface Preparation

SEMs demonstrate the effectiveness of a one-minute application of Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel on a glazed porcelain surface.

Etch Gel Fig1&2
Fig. 1: This SEM shows a glazed porcelain surface BEFORE treatment with Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel. (Magnification x 500)
Fig. 2: This SEM shows the same glazed porcelain surface AFTER one-minute treatment with Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel. Notice the microscopic tags in the porcelain surface. (Magnification x 500)

Placement of Porcelain Etch Gel

Placment Etch-Gel
Fig. 3: Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel is placed on ceramic surfaces for one minute to produce the optimal surface for bonding. Always protect soft tissue with rubber dam or Pulpdent Kool-Dam, light cure liquid dam (shown here).