Products - Embrace™ WetBond™ Seal-n-Shine™ - Clinical Procedure


Polish for Temporary Restorations

Fig. 1: Provisional restoration before Seal-n-Shine
Fig. 2: Provisional restoration after application of Seal-n-Shine
Photography courtesy of Dr. Shradha Sharma and Dr. Gerard Kugel

Finish, Polish and Seal Margins with Seal-n-Shine

Finish, polish, seal1
Fig. 1: Etch the surface of the composite restoration.
Fig. 2: Apply Seal-n-Shine.

Finish, polish, seal2
Fig. 3: After light curing Seal-n-Shine provides high luster finish and sealed margins.

Seal-n-Shine applied to enamel and enamel

Applied to enamel
Fig. 1: Etched enamel and composite restoration

Fig. 2: Seal-n-Shine applied to etched enamel and composite and light cured
Photography courtesy of Dr. C.H. Pameijer