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4th Generation Dual Cure System


For bonding to dentin, enamel, porcelain, resins, precious and non-precious metal and amalgam.

The original all-purpose adhesive system

This 4th generation adhesive system offers light cure and self-cure options. The adhesive primer and resin bonding agent are separate components. There is a unique metal primer, and the light cure resin bonding agent Part 1 can also be used to wet plastic instruments to prevent them from sticking to composites.

The patented PMGDM adhesive chemistry with the magnesium salt of NTG-GMA provides higher bond strengths than the earlier PMDM formulas.*

*Bowen RL, inventor. Patent Nos. 4,514,527; 4,521,550; 4,588,756; 4,659,751
*Venz S, Dickens B. Modified surface-active monomers for adhesive bonding to dentin. J Dent Res 1993;73(3):582-86
*Perdigao J, et al. Bons strengths of new simplified dentin-enamel adhesives. Am J Dent 1999;12(6):286-90


Suggested Retail Prices Below. Actual prices may vary. Contact your dental dealer for details.

  • DAS-C1

    Refill Kit: 6mL each Primers A, B & C; 6mL each Unfilled Resin Bonding Agent Parts 1 & 2, 5mL etch gel $164.00


  • DASP-A

    DenTASTIC 6 mL Primer Part A, Dentin/Enamel Initiator $61.70


  • DASP-B

    DenTASTIC 6 mL Primer Part B, Universal Base $50.00


  • DASP-C

    DenTASTIC 6 mL Primer Part C, Metal Initiator $50.00


  • DASP-1

    DenTASTIC 6 mL Unfilled Resin Bonding Agent Part 1, Base, light activated $40.00


  • DASP-2

    DenTASTIC 6 mL Unfilled Resin Bonding Agent Part 2, Catalyst $40.00