Products - EDTA 17% Solution - Product Review


For the Instrumentation of Root Canals and Smear Layer Removal

EDTA 17% Solution is buffered to a neutral pH and is an effective calcium binding or chelating agent used to facilitate instrumentation of root canals and for smear layer removal. It decalcifies the canal walls making it easier to enlarge and shape the canal with files and reamers.

  • An effective chelating agent
  • Decalcifies canal walls.
  • Eases instrumentation of root canals
  • Buffered to a neutral pH

EDTA Effectively Decalcifies Canal Walls

SEM shows smear layer removal and opened dentinal tubules following treatment with EDTA.


Suggested Retail Prices Below. Actual prices may vary. Contact your dental dealer for details.

  • EDTA-30

    30mL bottle $11.20


  • EDTA-60

    60mL bottle $18.80


  • EDTA-120

    120mL bottle $24.40


  • EDTA-480

    480mL bottle $46.90