Products - Embrace Restoration & PFM Repair Kit - Clinical Procedure


Lowe_repair_1_pic_1 Lowe_repair_1_pic_2
Fig. 1:  Shows porcelain fractured off the crown on the lower left first bicuspid (#21).

Fig. 2:. Kool-Dam is placed on the the gingiva and light cured to protect the soft tissue.

Lowe_repair_1_pic_3 Lowe_repair_1_pic_4
Fig. 3: Porcelain Etch Gel is placed on the porcelain surface for one minute, removed with vacuum,
rinsed and dried. Abrade any exposed metal with a fine diamond.

Fig. 4: Apply First-Coat to etched porcelain and abraded metal surfaces.

Lowe_repair_1_pic_5 Lowe_repair_1_pic_6
Fig. 5: Light cure First-Coat.

Fig. 6: Embrace Opaquer, off-white shade, is placed on the exposed metal and light cured.

Lowe_repair_1_pic_7 Lowe_repair_1_pic_9
Fig. 7: The crown is incrementally restored with composite resin.
Fig. 8: After contouring and finishing the restoration, etch for 10 seconds and apply Seal-n-Shine, which seals the margins and provides a high lustre finish.

Lowe_repair_1_pic_10 Lowe_repair_1_pic_11
Fig. 9: Seal-n-Shine is ight cured.
Fig. 10: The final result.
Photography courtesy of Dr. Robert A. Lowe