Products - Embrace™ Restoration & PFM Repair Kit - FAQs


Q Can I use any composite with the repair kit?
A: Yes. All composites are compatible.

Q: Do I need a bonding agent?
A: Bonding agents are not required, although they are not contra-indicated.

Q: What is First-Coat?
A: First-Coat is an adhesive resin that bonds to porcelain and metal and replaces silane and metal primers.

Q: How do I use Kool-Dam?
A Kool-Dam is a light cure liquid dam material that flows like a light body impression material and light cures on demand. It is used to protect soft tissue and patch up rubber dam prior to application of porcelain etch gel.

Q: How long do I etch with Porcelain Etch Gel?
A Place Pulpdent Porcelain Etch Gel on ceramic for one minute.

Q: What is the best method of removing Porcelain Etch Gel intraorally?
A: Suction off the gel with high vacuum. Then rinse well with water.

Q: Do I need to use silane?
A: No. First-Coat replaces silane and provides better results.

Q: Do I place bonding agent over opaque?
A: No, it is not necessary. The opaque is a resin. Light cure and apply composite.

Q: When do I use Seal-n-Shine?
A Apply Seal-n-Shine over the completed repair. It seals the composite and the margins and provides the final polish to the restoration.