Products - Embrace™ WetBond™ Class V - Clinical Procedure


Fig 1&2
Fig. 1: Pre-operative photo of two class V lesions.
Fig. 2: Enamel margins are beveled.

Fig 3&4
Fig. 3: Etch-Rite etching gel is applied for 15 seconds, rinsed and lightly dried.
Leave tooth surface slightly moist.

Fig. 4: Embrace Class V restorative resin is placed in the preparations and light cured.
The use of bonding agents is optional.

Fig. 5: Contour and trim the restoration.
Fig. 6: Embrace Seal-n-Shine is applied to the restoration and light cured to seal the
margins and provide the final finish and polish.

Fig 7
Fig. 7: The final result.