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Steiglitz Forceps

For firmly holding gutta percha points and for removal of pins, posts, root tips and broken endodontic drills. Features strong beaks and ratchet lock mechanism. Stainless steel.

Root Canal Pluggers, Luks

Single end, stainless steel pluggers with tapered shafts.

Root Canal Pluggers

Double end. Stainless steel.

Root Canal Spreader Dryer

Metal heat retention bulb for longer working time. Stainless steel.

Endo Locking Pliers

Stainless steel. Grooved and serrated tips hold gutta percha, or paper points firmly. Lock on side of handle disengages easily.

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Suggested Retail Prices Below. Actual prices may vary. Contact your dental dealer for details.

  • PL-E

    Endo Locking Pliers, 6 $12.35


  • PL-L*

    Root Canal Pluggers, Luks $14.95


  • PLDE-*

    Root Canal Pluggers, double end. *Specify by smaller of two included sizes: #1/3, # 3/5, # 5/7, # 9/11 $21.65


  • PRC

    4 x 5gm syringes $37.10


  • PSK

    Pressure Syringe Combo Kit: Pressure Syringe, 30 assorted needles, Pulpdent Root Canal Sealer Kit, Wonder Orange $175.00


  • RS-D*

    Root Canal Spreader Dryer, Specify by smaller of the two included sizes $16.00