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Restore Class V with Flows-Rite

Fig. 1: Flows Rite has the perfect consistency and shades for all Class V Restorations. 
Fig. 2: The final result has a perfectly natural appearance. Prior restorations on teeth
#28 and 29 look bad by comparison and should be redone with Flows-Rite.

Repair Restorations with Flows-Rite

Fig. 3: Repair of occlusal margins using Flows-Rite   
Fig. 4: Re-seal of occlusal margins using Flows-Rite

Flows-Rite as a Base/Liner  

Flows_Rite_clinical baseliner1
Fig. 5: The cavity is prepared to receive a restoration

Fig. 6: Etch-Rite™ is applied for 15 seconds

Flows_Rite_clinical baseliner2
Fig. 7: DenTASTIC™ UNO™ light cure adhesive is applied to the slightly moist tooth
Fig. 8: Flows-Rite™ is placed as a base/liner and light cured