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Light Cure Veneer Cement

The Choice is Kleer

Unique crystal CLEAR shade provides accurate visualization and precise shade verification before curing

Kleer-Veneer is a one-of-a-kind, moisture tolerant, self-adhesive veneer cement. No bonding agents are required on enamel, nor is silane necessary on ceramic. Etching and bonding to dentin is indicated. Kleer-Veneer’s unique consistency holds the veneer in place without drift or movement.

Kleer-Veneer cures at 400 nanometers. It cures with all halogen lights. Check other lights before use.

Choose from one clear shade and three opaque shades.

Kleer-Veneer CLEAR!

The crystal clear cement that will not alter final shade. Margins are undetectable.

Kleer-Veneer OPAQUE!
3 shades that neutralize existing tooth color:
  • CREAM Shade
  • PINK Shade
  • WHITE Shade
Unique Advantages
  • Clear shade – Crystal clear before and after curing
  • Self-adhesive – No bonding agents or silane required for enamel and ceramic
  • Unique consistency holds veneers in place without drift or movement
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Stain resistant


Suggested Retail Prices Below. Actual prices may vary. Contact your dental dealer for details.

  • KV*

    REFILL: 1.2 mL syringe *Specify Shade: 1 = Clear; 2 = Cream; 4 = White $33.00