Products - Multi-Cal™ - FAQs


Q: What is the difference between Pulpdent Paste, TempCanal and Multi-Cal?
A: Pulpdent Paste, TempCanal and Multi-Cal are almost identical, can be used interchangeably, and all produce the same results for root canal therapy and vital pulp therapy. They are all non-setting, radiopaque pastes, with pH>12, that contain approximately 40% calcium hydroxide in an aqueous cellulose paste. The differences are in the viscosity and the packaging.

Q: How is Forendo Paste different?
A: Forendo Paste is calcium hydroxide with iodoform in a silicone oil base. It is used only for root canal therapy, not vital therapy, and has all the same indications for root canal therapy as Pulpdent Paste, TempCanal and Multi-Cal.

Q: How long do I leave the root canal treatment paste in the canal?
A: For routine cases, place the paste as a dressing between office visits. For complicated cases involving abscesses and lesions, treatment for one to three months is indicated (change the dressing from time to time). For apexification, hard tissue formation and for traumatic injuries, treatment can be for six to twelve months or even longer.

Q: How do I remove the paste from the canal?
A: These pastes are non-setting. They are easily removed with file and irrigation.

Q: Are these pastes Radiopaque?
A: Yes, all are Radiopaque.

Q: How do I prevent the material from drying out in the syringe?
A: Place a drop of water in the cap, and recap Pulpdent Paste, TempCanal and Multi-Cal immediately after use. Recap Forendo Paste after use, but do not place water in the cap.

Q: What are the differences in viscosity and packaging mentioned above?
A: Pulpdent Paste, the original calcium hydroxide aqueous-methylcellulose pulpal dressing, is a thick paste. It is packaged in a standard 3 mL push syringe and is available in the syringe alone or in a kit with 18-gauge x 1” dispenser needles. TempCanal is a lower viscosity paste packaged in a 3 mL screw syringe. It is available in the syringe alone or in a kit with 22-gauge and 25-gauge x 1.25” dispenser needles. Multi-Cal is a creamy consistency paste, similar in viscosity to TempCanal, and it is available in a standard 3 mL push syringe or in a kit with 4 x 1.2 mL syringes + 22-gauge x ½” applicator tips. Forendo Paste is a creamy paste packaged in a 2.2 gm push syringe with 22-gauge x ½” applicator tips.