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Embrace™ Esthetic Opaquers – 20-Second Light Cure For masking out metals and discolored tooth surfaces

Pulpdent® Opaquers – Light Cure, Masks out metal and discolored tooth structure.


Suggested Retail Prices Below. Actual prices may vary. Contact your dental dealer for details.

  • EMO*

    Embrace Opaquer Refill: 2.1g syringe
    *Specify shade: 1 = Bleach White, 2 = Off-White, 4 = Pink, 5= Dark Yellow


  • EMO2

    Embrace Opaquer, 1.2mL syringe, off-white shade $25.00



    Embrace Resortation & PFM Repair Kit:
    1.2 mL syringe each First-Coat, Seal-n-Shine, Opaquer, Porcelain Etch Gel, Kool-Dam + accessories


  • OP1

    Pulpdent Opaquer: 3mL syringe, near white shade $35.50


  • OP2

    Pulpdent Opaquer: 3mL syringe, tooth shade $35.50