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Fluoride Releasing • Light Cure

Coats brackets and tooth – Keeps tooth clean under brackets

Prevents decalcification, staining and discoloration under orthodontic brackets

Protects soft tissue from sharp edges of brackets, bands and wires.
  • Reinforced, moisture tolerant resin
  • Bonds to the moist tooth
  • Tooth integrating and margin-free
  • Prevents microleakage
  • Light cure – Cures with all lights
  • Bonds to self-cure and light cure orthodontic adhesives
  • Color stable
If You’ve Seen This After Removing Brackets

Fig. 1: Shows orthodontic bracket bonded to a tooth and coated with Ortho-Coat after immersion in saline solution for two months
Fig. 2: Shows the tooth stained with 0.25% methylene blue after two-month immersion in saline solution

Fig. 3: Shows stained tooth after removal of coated bracket. Note lack of dye penetration under bracket. The white area shows the outline of the coating, not the bracket, which has a smaller footprint
Fig. 4: Shows underside of the stained bracket pad. Despite intense staining of the tooth and Ortho-Coat with methylene blue, there is no dye penetration or leakage beneath the bracket


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  • OC

    2 x 5 mL syringes + 20 applicator tips $56.00