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Pronto is available in select markets.

Pronto is a low flow light cure composite that stays where placed and does not slump. It is strong, durable, wear and fracture resistant, releases and recharges calcium, phosphate and fluoride, and is indicated for all classes of cavities.

Hydrophilic Rubberized Resin

  • Highly esthetic, light cure, dentin and enamel replacement material
  • Patented rubberized resin absorbs stress and resists wear, fracture, and chipping, even in thin areas on bevel margins
  • Hydrophilic resin releases and recharges calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions
  • Penetrates and integrates with tooth structure for margin-free adaptation to teeth
  • Contains No Bis-GMA, No Bisphenol A, No BPA derivatives
  • Available shades: A1, A2, A3, B1, BW, Pink

Clinical Advantages

  • Unique low flow composite holds shape and does not slump for controlled placement
  • Strong, tough, durable, wear and fracture resistant
  • Versatile – Universal composite for all classes of cavities
  • Highly radiopaque (250%)
  • Easy to place, easy to use 2mL syringes

Physical Properties

  • Light cure setting time: 20 ± 2 seconds
  • Percentage filler by weight: 70%
  • Compressive strength: 314 MPa ± 8 MPa
  • Diametral tensile strength: 53 MPa ± 2 MPa
  • Deflection at break 8mm
  • Radiopacity: 2.5 Al (250%)


Instructions For Use & MSDS

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