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Calcium Hydroxide Liner and Pulp Protector

Desensitize While you Temporize, Reduce Post-Operative Sensitivity, Protect the Pulp

Sclerotic and reparative dentin are nature’s desensitizers. After taking impressions apply Pulpdent Cavity Liner with 3-Way Protection to stimulate new dentin formation.


Pulpdent Cavity Liner Offers 3-Way Protection:

Biological Protection: Desensitizes the dentin by stimulating the formation of sclerotic and reparative dentin and by increasing the density of the dentin as much as 25% in 15 days.(Finn, S.B.: Clinical Pedodontics, 4th Ed.,W.B. Saunders Co., 208-211, 235-238, 1973.)

Chemical Protection: pH > 12. Neutralizes acids and other irritants found in dental etching gels, adhesives and restoratives.

Physical Protection: Fills the dentinal tubules with calcium hydroxide. Does not interfere with the seating of crowns and inlays.

Compatible with Bonding Procedures: Place on the pulpal floor before applying etching gels. Leave the remaining dentin available for dentin bonding.

Conventional Restorations: Place under all amalgam or conventional restorative materials.


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    Pulpdent Cavity Liner 15cc Bottle $27.00