Products - Pulpdent® Root Canal Sealer - Product Review


Tissue Compatible • Radiopaque

 Meets ANSI/ADA Specification 57 for Endodontic Filling Material


  • Powder contains zinc oxide, zinc stearate, calcium phosphate and barium sulfate
  • Liquid contains eugenol and Canada balsam
For All Permanent Filling Techniques
  • Pressure Syringe Technique
  • In conjunction with solid core
  • Paste Filler/Lentulo
  • Lateral condensation
Indicated for primary and permanent teeth.
  • A thick mix eliminates free eugenol and ensures patient comfort
  • Can be drilled for a post
  • Can be removed with mechanical and hand instrumentation, if necessary
Key features
  • Does not shrink upon setting
  • Resorbs with roots of deciduous teeth
  • Flows through 30-gauge needles
  • Tissue compatible
  • Slight overfills often resorb over time


Suggested Retail Prices Below. Actual prices may vary. Contact your dental dealer for details.

  • RK

    Root Canal Sealer Kit: 15cc powder, 7.5mL liquid, mixing pad, scoop $53.50


  • RSL

    Liquid, 7.5 mL $20.25


  • RSL-2

    Liquid, 60 mL $77.75


  • RSP

    Powder, 15 gm $34.25


  • RSP-4

    Powder, 4 oz (114 gm) $123.00