Products - Embrace™ WetBond™ Seal-n-Shine™ - Product Review


Penetrating Finish & Polishing Resin

Light Cure • Wet-Bonding • Clear Shade

Seals Margins and Composites – Finishes and Polishes Restorations

  • Eliminates microleakage.
  • Provides smooth, durable, long-lasting, protective finish.
  • Cures clear. No yellow tint.
  • Eliminates final finishing and polishing steps.
  • Treats white lines. Prevents marginal staining.
  • Tough and resilient.

Seal-n-Shine and other Embrace resins have exhibited exceptional results when tested for marginal sealing against microleakage, without the use of adhesives or bonding agents.1,2,3

  1. Pameijer CH
  2. Degrange M
  3. Khanbodaghi A, Kugel G, Sharma S, Ferreira S


Suggested Retail Prices Below. Actual prices may vary. Contact your dental dealer for details.


    6mL bottle Seal-n-Shine, brush handle, 100 brush tips $80.00



    2 x 1.2 mL syringes Seal-n-Shine + 40 flocked tips $67.50


  • EMV*

    1.2 mL syringe Class V + 10 applicator tips *Specify shade: A2, A3.5 $21.50


  • P2520

    Dark Blue, 25 ga x 1/2?, All Plastic Flocked Tips, Pkg. 20 Use for Embrace Seal-n-Shine & Embrace First-Coat $7.40