Dentaltown Publishes 70-Year Recall

Dentaltown has published the longest case history ever reported in dental literature. The 70-year recall of a vital calcium hydroxide pulpotomy performed by Harold Berk, DDS in 1946 was reported in the February 2017 issue and appears online. The article shows the step-by-step technique for the surgical procedure.

Figure 1. Radiograph taken in 1946

Figure 2. Radiograph taken in 2016

Vital pulpotomy is the amputation of the coronal pulp tissue and placement of a pulpal dressing with the intention of maintaining the vitality of the radicular pulp. Dr. Harold Berk, a pioneer and early researcher in pulp biology and vital pulp therapy, reported on the 50-year recall of his first human pulpotomy (1996) in his book, Save That Tooth. Dr. Ali Maddahi saw the patient in 2016 and is the lead author of the 70-year report.

Dr. Berk is the inventor of Pulpdent Paste, the first premixed calcium hydroxide-aqueous methylcellulose pulpal dressing, widely used in vital pulp therapy and root canal therapy. He served on the faculty of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine from 1946-2005.

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