Is your resin hydrophilic?

In 2002 Pulpdent introduced Embrace WetBond materials, the first moisture-friendly ionic dental resins.

Biochemistry only occurs in the presence of water.

The mouth is a moist environment. Saliva is the vital stream that sustains us and is rich with water and ionic components. Dentin contains approximately 15% of water and enamel approximately 4%.

Most traditional dental resins are hydrophobic, repel water and require a dry field. They are designed to be passive, do no harm, and be neutral in the mouth. This is a negative approach that does not take advantage of the benefits and potential gains achieved by using active materials that play a dynamic role in the oral environment.*

Pulpdent has devleloped EMBRACE WetBond and ACTIVA BioACTIVE, moisture-friendly materials that work favorably in the moist oral environment, take advantage of the moisture naturally present in the mouth, and exhibit bioactive potential.

EMBRACE and ACTIVA are ionic resins formulated with phosphate groups. In the presence of moisture, there is an ionic interaction that binds the resin to the minerals in the tooth, forming a strong resin-hydroxyapatite complex and a positive seal against microleakage.

EMBRACE WetBond and ACTIVA BioACTIVE are hydrophilic and contain a small quantity of water, but they are durable and insoluble, and they do not degrade or wash out.

*McCabe JF, et al. Aust Dent J 2011 56 Suppl 1_3-10.