Just DEW It: Pulpdent and Dental Entrepreneur Woman Discuss the Future of Women in Dentistry

Pulpdent Corporation invited Anne Duffy, founder of Dental Entrepreneur Woman Magazine and Dew.Life, along with a select group of female dentists to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing women in the dental industry. The group visited Pulpdent’s corporate headquarters in Watertown, MA from May 2-4, 2019.

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Anne Duffy and a select group of female dentists visited Pulpdent’s headquarters in Watertown, MA

The “DeWs” represented a variety of backgrounds, from recent dental school graduates to seasoned practice owners, with specialties ranging from cosmetic dentistry to public health. They were united in their passion for clinical excellence and their desire to support each other’s personal and professional aspirations.

Anne Duffy and the “DeWs” with Pulpdent’s Christie Bailey, Leah Berk, and Michelle Wolf

Christie Bailey, Pulpdent’s Manager of Professional Relations and International Sales, led a discussion on how manufacturers, trade publications and clinicians can work together to create more opportunities for women in dentistry. They also discussed strategies for overcoming setbacks, supporting one another, and promoting inclusion throughout the dental industry.

The two-day adventure closed with a tour of Boston and dinner in the North End. Feeling inspired and empowered, the women of DEW returned to their homes throughout the country with a new team of supporters and a network of like-minded dental professionals.

Pulpdent and the “DeWs” out for dinner
The “DeWs” on their Boston tour