Pulpdent Corporation and UCLA School of Dentistry join forces to prevent early childhood caries

Pulpdent Corporation, a dental research and manufacturing company, has joined forces with the UCLA School of Dentistry to prevent early childhood caries (i.e., tooth decay in infants and young children). Pulpdent is donating 600 applications of Embrace Fluoride Varnish and 2,500 applications of Embrace Pit & Fissure Sealant to the UCLA Infant Oral Care Program (IOCP) in 2018.

A UCLA IOCP staff member conducts a pediatric dental exam while the patient’s mother watches.

According to research from UCLA and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, “early childhood caries prevalence has increased significantly in children ages 2-5 years” and “disproportionally affects lower socioeconomic and minority groups.” Programs like the UCLA IOCP offer free education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for underserved infants and children at UCLA’s local Federally Qualified Health Centers. The program also trains UCLA pediatric dental residents, dental students, pediatric medical residents, and advanced nurse practitioner students in culturally sensitive preventative oral health care.

Pulpdent will also provide Embrace Pit and Fissure Sealant to the UCLA IOCP program. Embrace is the first sealant that bonds to the moist tooth and contains no BPA, Bis-GMA or BPA derivatives. Research shows remarkable sealing ability and adaptation to tooth structure.

For over 70 years Pulpdent has been committed to product innovation, clinical education and patient-centered care.