It began with a dancing dentist

 In honor of Pulpdent’s 70th anniversary Apex360 has published a two-part series about the Massachusetts-based dental research and manufacturing company. It began with a dancing dentist, writes editor Zachary Kulsrud, and goes on to say that Pulpdent founder Harold Berk was a wet-finger dentist who loved to dance and made great martinis.

The series features an interview with Dr. Berk’s son Fred Berk who, along with his brothers Ken and Don, continues to lead this family-owned business. Part I describes the early history of Pulpdent, which grew from a small trading outfit to the leader in bioactive dental materials. Part II takes a close look at ACTIVA BioACTIVE, Pulpdent’s award-winning suite of bioactive dental products that imitate the physical and chemical properties of teeth. Activa is the first esthetic bioactive dental material.

In the interviews, Fred Berk talks about the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that pervades Pulpdent, reflecting that, “Medical devices are a serious business, and by deciding to pursue research, product development, and manufacturing, we did not choose the easy road. But Pulpdent has been—and still is—our sandbox. It has allowed us to be innovative and creative while demanding tremendous discipline. We have been free to follow our dreams without anyone telling us they are not possible, or would not be funded, and this has led to discoveries that improve dental care and point to the future of dentistry. It is an exciting time at Pulpdent.”

Fred notes that Pulpdent has new bioactive materials in the pipeline and to “watch for more Activa products in 2018.”

Part I: It began with a dancing dentist: How Pulpdent quietly became one of dentistry’s leading research, development, and manufacturing companies

Part II: Activa Bioactive: The story behind Pulpdent’s breakthrough bioactive restorative

About PULPDENT® Corporation PULPDENT® Corporation is a family-owned dental research, manufacturing company and leader in bioactive dental materials. ACTIVA BioACTIVE™, developed by PULPDENT, is the first esthetic bioactive restorative material. ACTIVA behaves much like natural teeth and stimulates the formation of apatite (the building blocks of teeth), chemically bonds to teeth and helps protect against decay. PULPDENT celebrates its 70th anniversary this year with continued commitment to product innovation, clinical education and patient-centered care. To stay updated on bioactivity and learn about the Heroic Dentistry Series, which demonstrates ACTIVA’s unprecedented capabilities, visit the Pulpdent blog.