Pulpdent Returns to Its Roots with TempCanal™ Enhanced

Tempcanal EnhancedIn 1947 Pulpdent introduced the first premixed calcium hydroxide paste. Nearly seventy years later Pulpdent continues to lead the way with its newest calcium hydroxide product offering: TempCanal™ Enhanced. With pH > 12, TempCanal Enhanced disinfects canals and prevents flare-ups, making it ideal for routine use between visits and for extended treatment of complicated cases.

TempCanal™ Enhanced is simple to use.  The material flows easily through 27-gauge x 25mm, 2-side-vent, endo irrigation needles. The non-setting, non-drying formula will not clog the needle and is easily removed with file and irrigation. The 2-side-vent, closed-end needle controls placement and ensures uniform coating of canal walls, while also preventing extrusion beyond the apex.  The paste will not dry out in the syringe. 

TempCanal™ Enhanced is packaged in standard 1.2mL and 3mL luer lock syringes for convenient one-hand operation. Endodontic irrigation needles are available with the product and are also sold separately.

For more information contact your dental dealer or call (800) 343-4342 or email sales@pulpdent.com