The Social Dentist Tip #1: Be Authentic and Friendly

Dr. Ryan McCall grew his Indiana-based dental practice by engaging new and existing patients through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. In this series, The Social Dentist, Dr. McCall offers tips on how to market your dental practice using social media.

Be Authentic
People fear the dentist. More than almost any other profession, dentistry is looked upon as a necessary evil. Patients fear a visit to the dentist will end in pain, both physical and financial. We overcome this fear by representing ourselves and our work with openness, honesty and humility.

Authentic social media leads to higher conversion rates ̶-more followers, more clicks, and more appointments scheduled. Authenticity is palpable when you show gratitude and are committed to doing the right thing for your patients in a warm, friendly, inviting environment. 

Be real. I posted pictures on Instagram of my visit to Pulpdent’s research and manufacturing facility in Watertown, Massachusetts that featured a flying Bobby Orr. Go Bruins! Folks relate to that and feel comfortable. The fear quickly dissipates.  

Be friendly
We welcome everyone. Our goal on social media is to foster engagement, which includes responding to negative feedback. We focus on content that encourages potential patients to comment and ask questions. An attitude of AMA (Ask Me Anything) has led us to more shares, better engagement, and happier patients. New patients often reach out via social media with inquiries about pricing, insurance reimbursement, and treatment offerings. We respond in a timely manner and a cheerful tone.

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Dr. Ryan McCall

About Dr. Ryan McCall
Dr. Ryan D. McCall was raised in Illinois. He received his BS in Biology and Chemistry from Indiana University and dental degree from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry. He maintains private practices in Indianapolis and Lebanon, Indiana.