The Social Dentist Tip #5: Adapt and Stay Grateful

Dr. Ryan McCall grew his Indiana-based dental practice by engaging new and existing patients through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. In this series, The Social Dentist, Dr. McCall offers tips on how to market your dental practice using social media.

Ten years ago, Facebook was king of social media. It was inconceivable that it might decrease in popularity and I would have to promote my practice on other sites. Now I’m excited to have so many social media options to choose from. It means our practices can reach even more people who may want to become friends, patients, or business partners.

Our message can be adapted to fit any platform.  If Facebook isn’t around in ten years, we will adapt and move on #NBD (no big deal).    

Be Grateful
When I started out as a struggling young dentist, I had to focus on profits first in order to meet my financial obligations. Over time I have developed a deep appreciation for the patients who have put their trust in me. This attitude of gratitude has gone a long way in building trust and confidence, the cornerstones of any successful business. 

I sensed the same sense of gratitude when I visited Pulpdent and attended a factory tour and educational seminar with Larry Clark.

Afterwards I emailed Larry and told him how refreshing it was to see an expert in his field who was so concerned with making a difference and leaving a lasting impression. He responded with pure gratefulness. Naturally, I look forward to collaborating more in the future.

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Dr. Ryan McCall

About Dr. Ryan McCall
Dr. Ryan D. McCall was raised in Illinois. He received his BS in Biology and Chemistry from Indiana University and dental degree from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry. He maintains private practices in Indianapolis and Lebanon, Indiana.