5 Reasons to Try Tuff-Temp Plus Provisional Material

It’s frustrating – not to mention costly – when a temporary crown or bridge breaks and falls out. Many of the provisional materials on the market are brittle and are subject to chipping and wear. To solve this problem, Pulpdent inserted a synthetic rubber molecule into a diurethane dimethacrylate to produce Tuff-Temp Plus, a tougher, more impact resistant material with increased dimensional stability.

Here are 5 reasons to try Tuff-Temp Plus Provisional Material:

  1. Resists fracture and wear. Tuff-Temp Plus is designed to absorb the shock from occlusal forces much like dentin and the periodontal ligament.
  2. Crisp margins. Unlike bis-acrylics, which soften and can gum up finishing instruments, Tuff-Temp Plus grinds and powders, leaving clean and accurate margins.
  3. Long-Lasting. Tuff-Temp Plus contains a patented rubberized resin component, making it less prone to breaking and debonding and ideal for longer treatment plans.
  4. Versatile. Tuff-Temp Plus is an esthetic material that can be used for single and multiple units, including full mouth restorations.
  5. Dual Cure. Tuff-Temp Plus self-cures and has a light cure option. For faster light curing use a clear vinyl polysiloxane template.

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